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Many diseases can occur in the female pelvis related to the uterus, ovary, ovarian duct, cervix, and vagina, which we should pay attention to before something develops into cancer causing tears later on.
Ovarian cyst, a well-known disease that needs to be cleared up
An ovarian cyst is a disease that, if found, women should take decisive action. Though cysts can occur and shrink on their own without surgery, there are some types of cysts that need surgery because they cannot shrink on their own due to hormones. The symptoms will be very severe, such as stomachache pain making you unable to walk, which is often caused by an ovarian cyst ruMany diseases can occur in the female pelvis related to the uterus, ovary, ovarian duct, cervix, and vaginapture or ovarian torsion. If an ovarian cyst ruptures, membranes will form in the stomach, which can cause chronic pain in the lower abdomen and infertility. If torsion occurs, you could lose that side of the ovary. If left for too long, cancer can eventually occur.

Warning signs that come with risks
• Pain in the lower abdomen and pain during the menstruation period
• Feel the need to urinate frequently, which might be from a growing cyst pressing on the urinary bladder
• Abnormal growth of abdominal surface
• Acute pain in the lower abdomen, which might be from an ovarian torsion or ovarian rupture
• Heavy bleeding during menstruation or abnormal menstrual spotting with pain that becomes more severe every month
Laparoscopy, the helper of ovarian cystectomy
Laparoscopic cystectomy (lap cystectomy) involves 3 small incisions in the abdominal area to insert the surgery equipment and laparoscope to record images and send to a monitor which acts as the doctor’s eyes. Due to the efficiency of the equipment and current technology, the image will be in high definition when compared with large open-wound surgery. In addition, small equipment is used in the procedure, such as tissue capture tool, electrosurgical cautery, and surgical and suturing tool. Laparoscopic surgery can reach small areas that medical equipment cannot. It also affects the internal organs less than open wound surgery, not to mention less recuperation time and less pain. The wound will be 0.5-1 centimeters only.
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