Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Therapy, another treatment method for patients...with high atmospheric oxygen
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In general, our body can only transport oxygen with hemoglobin in the red blood cells in a limited quantity. However, if we increase the atmospheric pressure, it will increase the dissolution of oxygen and cause more dissolved oxygen to bind with the blood’s plasma. This enables our body to store more oxygen in the tissues needed by the body, so it can repair, rebuild or heal wounds faster. It can also stimulate the creation of new capillaries sufficient for the body’s needs.
Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Therapy
Helper for patient treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
It is well known that the oxygen is important to the body. Therefore, the medical profession has applied these advantages with the treatment by using 100% pure oxygen with high pressure in the treatment of various chronic diseases. For example:
  • Diseases that occur from chronic inflammation and treatment of chronic wounds from diabetes
  • Accelerating the rehabilitation of the brain and nervous system in some conditions
  • Provides better blood circulation to blood deficient organs
  • Injury from change in atmospheric pressure, such as from diving or from entering an excavation tunnel
  • Reduces swollen organs
  • Causes wounds to heal faster, such as wounds from radiation, bedsores, wound infection, burns, or general surgical wounds
Moreover, it is another way to slow down the deterioration of the body. Inside a Hyperbaric Chamber, the patient’s body will receive oxygen in a volume that is higher than normal. This therapy is often used with other treatment methods, which can provide better and faster treatment results.
Getting to know 3 advantages from HBO
Stimulates the creation of collagen and new blood vessels: Pure oxygen is very useful because it can cause the division of blast cells and create new collagen as well as more capillaries in blood deficient areas. Therefore, with radiation patients
1.    Reduces disability and loss of organs: In some diseases, the doctor may perform surgery to remove a particular part, such as toes or fingers, to accelerate the healing of chronic wounds from a lack of oxygen in order to reduce the treatment period as well as treatment expenses. Moreover, HBO can support the brain with oxygen immediately or provide support to tissue with deficient blood and oxygen. Therefore, when patients with decompression enter an HBO Chamber, the pressure in the room will dissolve the oxygen in the plasma, which will increase the oxygen level in the red blood cells enabling the capillaries to carry more oxygen to the brain and to the furthest regions of the body.  
2.    Stimulates the function of the nervous system: When the body is able to receive a greater volume of oxygen than normal, the brain will function better. It can also stimulate the function of the nervous system in various parts of the body.
who need dental treatment (tooth decay due to radiation), it can heal the wound faster, the same as it can with diabetic wounds.
Q:    How long does HBO treatment take?
A:    The number of times depends on the disease and symptoms of the patient. For example: The treatment for diving related illnesses will take a long period of time and require a relatively deep air pressure. However, for general wounds in some people, only 10-20 times might be needed, depending on the condition of the symptoms. The duration per time is 1-2 hours for maximum benefit of the patient. Patients can watch movies, listen to music, and talk with the staff while in the machine.
Q:    Are there any restrictions for some patients?
A:    The treatment requires a preliminary examination to check if the patient can adjust and are not afraid of confined spaces. Examination is also required for patients with lung problems. Therefore, the physical readiness of the patient will be examined before receiving HBO treatment.
Q:    Are there any restrictions after receiving the treatment?
A:      Normally, getting on a plane is prohibited.
Q:    Are there any side effects?
A:      There can be some, such as toxic oxygen. If there is a high increase of the oxygen level, spasms may occur. Severe toxicity can result in convulsions. However, we use good treatment methods and have a team of specialists that will take care of the patient throughout the treatment period. The air can be adjusted to suit the patient. Therefore, this side effect is not a problem. However, for patients with heart problems or diseases related with existing blood pressure problems, Paolo Phaholyothin Hospital will provide a thorough physical check-up and history check in order to be prepared for the treatment and reduce any complications that could follow.

Q:    Is it true that HBO can help with beauty?
A:    In recent times, people have placed more importance on beauty. HBO can truly help heal plastic surgery wounds. This will help to enhance the results, reduce swelling after the surgery, and speed up the recovery of the area that was operated on. Also, patients interested in anti-aging can make use of HBO, which will use a lower pressure than regular treatment.
Information by Dr. Suthi Intarachat

Specialist in Emergency Medicine, Underwater Medicine, and Aviation Medicine
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