10 Warning signs for “Liver Disease”
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Liver Disease
Liver disease occurs from an injured liver or liver with permanent wound that creates a membrane in the liver and slows down the performance of the liver, starting from the production of protein, the management of toxins in the body, reduced blood circulation to liver or blockage in some cases, depending on how serious the symptoms are. The disease can affect various body functions and can lead to the occurrence of other diseases. The main function of the liver is to produce bile. The bile works to digest the fat and deal with various toxins received by the body. Then, the toxins will be driven out of the body with no residue. The bile can also produce a substance that helps with blood clotting, which allows the blood to stop bleeding if having an accident. A person with liver disease often starts with having unclear symptoms. Therefore, you should always observe yourself.

Symptoms that can tell you that you might have liver disease
• Feel tired but unable to sleep. You might feel sleepy in the afternoon or easily tired, like a person with no strength. Some people might feel nausea, loss of appetite, flatulence like the food is not digested, and burping more frequently.
• Abnormal menstruation or not at all. Menstruation may be irregularly. In some men, their breasts will enlarge and they will feel pain at the breasts. In some people, the testicles may shrivel or sexual performance will be lower for unknown reason.
• Feel itchy in various parts of the body because the bile has accumulated around the particular skin area causing the itchiness.
• Have yellow skin and yellow eyes, like with having jaundice because the liver cannot drive the bile from the liver. Therefore, the bile spreads to the eyes and body until becoming yellow.
• Swelling on the back of the feet, limbs, and abdominal surface because the liver is unable to produce protein in the blood.
• When there is a wound, the blood will bleed easier than normal and it will not stop bleeding easily because the liver cannot produce the substance for blood clotting.
• Some cases with more severe symptoms may lead to vomiting blood because the pressure in the liver is high causing the veins in the esophagus to have high pressure. If the pressure is high, the vein may rupture.
• The immune system in the body is reduced allowing illness and infection to occur easier.
• Feel tightness in the rib cage and hot flashes in the chest, including feeling stiff around the abdominal muscles, leading to abdominal pain.
• If noticing around the corners of the mouth and lips, you will see that they are abnormally blue. Also, the tongue will become dark and the edges of the tongue will have teeth markings.
These are only some symptoms that are noticeable. Apart from this, some people might feel stressed, irritable, easily upset, and forgetful. On the surface, everything may look normal. Hence, an analysis of various components is needed in order to check whether there is a risk of having liver disease or not. If you are unsure, it is best to consult with the doctor to look for the cause.

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