LET'S TALK The Psychology Center Paolo Hospital Phaholyothin

LET'S TALK The Psychology Center Paolo Hospital Phaholyothin provides consulting services. Treatment plan has been designed by a team of psychiatrists and personnel with specific expertise It consists of physicians specializing in psychiatry, psychologists, occupational therapists.

An art therapist who has experience in caring for psychiatric patients by providing individual psychotherapy and advice on mental healthcare to create a positive attitude towards life both in terms of studying, working, as well as ways to prevent a recurrence including follow up on symptoms to prevent future problems


It's not intimidating to talk to a psychiatrist. There is no need to wait for serious symptoms, insomnia, tension, worry, or despair before seeking help. Try to be aware of oneself. Consider speaking with a psychiatrist if you experience any of these signs.

Stress and Anxiety  It can occur at either school or working ages. When stress occurs, it makes you feel anxious, headache, eat less, can't sleep, can't focus on studying or working. If you have these symptoms, you should immediately consult a psychiatrist.
Auditory Hallucination  visual hallucination or hearing someone calling from afar. Two or more voices arguing about or discussing or believe other intend to harm them.
Lack of self-care  Feeling bored, not wanting to do anything. Not taking care of own hygiene, not taking shower, washing hair, not changing cloths.
Anxiety and Intense fear  this symptom can be felt on its own because it is caused by the condition within mind. The symptom is noticeable such as sweating, palpitations, numbness at hands, feet, coldness, nausea, abdominal pain headaches, feeling unable to control yourself.
Do not want to socialize.  Start to feel tired and discouraged and become obsessed and take extra care of one thing.
If you start to find yourself or those around you have these symptoms, you should consult a psychiatrist. because if it has been left untreated, it may lead to abnormalities or other diseases

LET'S TALK The Psychology Center Paolo Hospital Phaholyothin  focus on physical and mental health . At the same time, care covers people with physical health problems that are the source of stress, anxiety or discouragement, such as those with heart disease. cerebrovascular disease, cancer.

• Depression
• Stress and Anxiety
• Social anxiety disorder
• Insomnia
• Bipolar
• Panic
• Obsessive–compulsive disorder
• Attempt suicide
• Those who wants to quit drinking or drug
• Those who have risk of having depression
• Having problems, including family problems relationship problems adjustment problem
• Emotional problems, teenage problems

Discuss, examine, diagnose and provide treatment from a team of specialized psychiatrists.
Here, we are staffed with a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, occupational therapists, and psychiatrists. An art therapist joins in to talk, listen, and give advice. Ask questions to better understand the problem. We provide the greatest care with the goal of helping psychiatric patients reach their full potential and be able to contribute positively to society.
It's warm and safe because it's designed with understanding.
LET'S TALK The Psychology Center Paolo Hospital Phaholyothin emphasis on safety under a warm atmosphere. It is furnished with exam and private rooms with the goal of evoking a cozy, at-home sensation of relaxation.
Activities for therapy can be done in the available space. Restoring mental health can be achieved through practices including music therapy, art therapy, and relaxation areas that support service users while continuously monitoring critically sick patients to minimize hazards.

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