Helper for weight loss, Gastric Balloon
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If you are doing everything and still cannot lose weight
• Want to lose 15-20 kilograms without having surgery
• No wound and reduce the risk of infection
• Reduce the risk of chronic diseases that come from obesity, like high blood pressure, abnormal lipid profile, knee osteoarthritis, and others
Gastric Balloon
At present, “Gastric Balloon” is a medical technique that is being developed. The gastric balloon is used to help with the control of food consumption according to the limitation of the area in the stomachache. The gastric balloon is a helper in medical science for overweight people who are unable to control the food or lose weight by themselves. It is one of the alternative treatments in which medication and surgery are not needed.
Is the gastric balloon really safe?
The doctor will place the balloon made from silicone in the stomach by using the endoscopic method. The procedures are like normal gastroscopy, but sleeping medication is required during the operation. The doctor will insert the endoscope with the silicone balloon into the stomach. Then, the balloon will be enlarged by Methylene Blue. The doctor will calculate the volume of fluid for each patient as appropriate, which can be increased or decreased as desired later. After the operation, the recuperation period is 1 night and the patient can return to regular life as normal. Mostly, the balloon will be left in the stomach for 6-12 months. During that time, the doctor will prescribe antacid, which might cause damage to the balloon. When back to regular life, the balloon will replace the stomach area. The patient will be able to eat less according to the limited stomach area that is still empty. Then, the weight will gradually decrease. After that, the doctor will make an appointment for follow-up and suggest how to take care of yourself. During the first 3-4 months after inserting the balloon, the weight will go down fast. Then it will reduce slowly. On average, the gastric balloon can reduce the weight by 15-20 kilograms or at least 10-15% of your former weight.
Limitations and restrictions in gastric balloon
Though you are overweight, weight loss by gastric balloon is not for everyone. If you are in the following groups, the doctor will not recommend the gastric balloon because it might cause complications and side effects.
• Women who are pregnant, in-between breastfeeding, or planning to be pregnant
• Allergic to silicone
• Addict to alcoholic drinks and unable to stop
• Have diseases in the gastrointestinal tract system or some types of congenital disease, such as heart disease or lung disease in which the condition is severe and uncontrollable
• Psychiatric patients who do not receive treatment
• Patients with congenital diseases that must be treated by antiplatelet drugs, thrombolytic drugs, and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs

     After receiving the gastric balloon, do not use much force during the first week. You can live a normal life when the body adjusts itself. Do exercises for the weight to reduce faster. Eat small portions of food because you might feel uncomfortable and bloated if eating too much. Do not take aspirin or muscle relaxant in the NSAIDs group, like Ibuprofen.
    Though gastric balloon can restrict you in terms of eating, after removing the balloon, you should eat properly and exercise at the same time. If being disciplined and seeing the doctor according to the appointments regularly, the weight will become stable. Experts believe that the change of consumption behavior after removing the balloon will provide good results in the long run.

Preparation for gastric balloon
• Take antacid before breakfast and dinner for 14 days
• Abstain from drinking all types of alcoholic drinks
• Have a physical check-up (blood test, chest x-ray, and electrocardiogram)
• Gastroscopy to examine the readiness of the stomachache on the date of inserting the balloon. If a wound or tumor is found, the insertion must be postponed.
• Abstain from eating for at least 8 hours. Abstain from drinking water at least 2 hours before inserting the balloon. Have enough rest.

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