Women’s Health Care Center
   Women’s Health Care Center offers comprehensive women’s health care services and consultations including obstetric and gynecologic examination, diagnosis and treatment. Services are provided by a team of obstetricians and gynecologists supported by specialized gynecology staff and modern medical equipment.
   Soaring rates of gynecological surgery are mostly due to uterus disorders, especially because of tumors in the uterus, cervix, endometrium, fallopian tube, ovarian disorders as well as cancer of the reproductive organs may require surgery. In the past, gynecological surgery was considered as major abdominal incision but currently due to the medical innovation and state-of-the art technology, this perception has changed.
What are the applications of Gynecologic Endoscope technology?
   Gynecologic endoscopy is used for diagnostic purpose by inserting an endoscope to observe the size of the uterus, cystic ovary, fascia or pelvic disorders and to examine the rare of the uterus and ovaries. Internal pathogens are clearly visible and tissue may be immediately extracted for examination enabling accurate diagnosis and preventing potential errors. In addition, gynecologic endoscopy enables doctor to assess suitable treatment. Thus, maximizing the efficiency of the treatment process. Medical equipment and technology may be applied in order to operate many diseases. Endoscopic Surgery is as efficient as open abdominal surgery for all possible treatment.

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