Screening Test for Women’s Cancer
Paolo Hospital Phaholyothin
Cervical cancer and breast cancer are the leading causes of death in Thai women. Partly, it occurs from neglecting to receive a screening test for women’s cancer due to worrying, being embarrassed, or scared. Therefore, the diseases are not diagnosed in the initial stages. By the time you are aware of an abnormality, the symptoms are developed and it might be too late to completely cure them.
Risk group
• A person who is 35 years old and above
• A family member with a history of having cancer
• Have the behavior of smoking or drinking alcoholic drinks
• A person who continually takes birth control pills for a long time
• A person whose menstruation started at a young age and finished when getting older

With screening test for women’s cancer, what diagnosis should women do every year?
• Digital mammogram
• Pelvic and cervical cancer examination
• Ultrasound to find an abnormality indicating gynecological disease, such as ovarian cyst, uterine fibroid, and endometriosis

Using these methods, we can find a lesion in its initial stages which will help the doctor to cure it completely, as cells that begin to deviate into a serious disease can take longer than 10 years to develop into advanced cancer making it harder to manage and creating more expenses in the end.

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