Paolo Hospital  Phaholyothin is considered as an origin, which initially accumulates souls representing Paolo brand as today. It is also a place where all knowledge and experiences have  been gathering.  My family and I are really grateful to  the opportunity  to work and grow together with all of you, Paolo Phaholyothin people. Today I’m truly confident  that all of us are proud  of not only  company growth but also relationship between  both colleagues and valued customers. Therefore, we have fully passion in our jobs and duties which I’m really appreciated and proud of you all, Paolo Phaholyothin people.

Today, Paolo Phaholyothin moves forward to significant change. We withdraw from Social Security System in order to focus on providing medical treatment and service to both local patients and other countries’ patients. With our decision, we change to have more efficiency, continually growing and stabilizing. Also, I do believe that we together are willing to urgently improve our hospital in every angle such as medical treatment and service quality.

Lastly, I have an opportunity to study the company development strategic plan and cooperation model called “Paolo Way” created by our hospital director and management team. I completely assure that this will emphasize and strengthen our standpoint as being Humanized Healthcare of Paolo.  However I cannot reach our greatest  accomplishment  without dedicated cooperation of Paolo Phaholyothin people.

Mr. Att  Thongtang 

CEO Phyathai-Paolo Group

Mr. Itti Thongtang

Senior DCEO Phyathai-Paolo Group

“Humanized Healthcare”

– Paolo Hospital

Our Hospital

Paolo Phaholyathin Hospital is a private hospital, established in 1972. At present, we have total 267 beds for full-range of  treatment and care, located  3  kilometers from the center of Bangkok, Victory Monument. Today, we offer medical services by using state-of-the art scientific methods and equipment, and comprised of well-trained medical personnel in order to act as a center for healthcare services and provide a better quality of life. Patients and families can be assured to receive best in class services of treatments that are complied with International Standards.

This year, there will be several changes in our hospital. First, the hospital will cancel participation in the Social Security Office as the main hospital from January 1, 2017. The second, we have a new strategic plan that focus on patient experience and employee experience (Patient First, Employee First) and the last change, we have commissioned by BDMS to be one of the Center of Excellence (CoE) in the next few years. These things are the big changes that will bring our hospital transition to something better and better.

Paolo Hospital Phaholyothin

Strategic Plan 2017-2020  represents our vision for the future. It provides a framework that will guide our work for the next four years to ensure our patients and families have access to outstanding health care. Under the intense competition in healthcare industry, the striking difference in providing   maximized patient experience will bring our organization sustainable growth. To reach such a goal, we must change our attitude and our mindset to serve patients and our people by promoting more collaboration, more communication and more trust.

We would Think Globally, Act Locally especially on standard of treatment and care, and innovation. These things will leverage our hospital to achieve international standard. We move forward with technology and innovation but we must continue our care of the patients with compassion and empathy.

Finally, under limited resources, our hospital must have continuous growth. So, internal strength is important. Physician and employee engagement, as well as their well-being, are the key factors to success.

Vision | Mission


“A leading Thai hospital focuses on Ultimate Patient Experience with Outstanding Clinical Outcomes and Innovation ”


“To make a difference in Positive Patient Experience through excellent patient care by Paolo Phaholyothin Way  ”

We communicate to our patients and families with respect and empathy, our “Empathic Communication model”
consisting of Verbal communication : tune and loudness, Non-verbal communication :
posture, gesture, clothing and emotion and Listening with eye-contact.



  • Providing personalized care for our patients
  • Being responsive to the needs of our patient and their families
  • Caring for patient with cross culture (language, life style, belief…)
  • Increase our focus on complex-acute and specialty care include aging society
  • Care with compassion and empathy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in our community by our core competency


  • Being honest and fair in all of our dealings with patients, their families and staff
  • Being open and transparent in all of our dealings with patients, their families and staff
  • Complying with all of our professional and legal requirements
  • Good partners with all stakeholders


  • Respecting the rights of our patients and staff
  • Treating people with care, kindness and courtesy
  • Encouraging staff to express their opinions and ideas


  • Providing opportunities for our staff to actively participate within the organization
  • Bring new models of inter -professional care and education
  • Providing feedback to our staff
  • Exploring new opportunities to share ideas and information


  • Providing the use of Clinical Data Management to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes
  • Promote Knowledge Management Program, especially knowledge sharing
  • Promote the new idea of innovation (Clinical, Service and Management)
  • Enhance new service and new product in every area


  • Provide the patient experience and good clinical outcomes under the continuous quality improvement of our work processes (include Lean Management)
  • Providing the value-based of treatment and care
  • Promote the energy saving program

Hospital Strategic Goals | 2017-2020

Our hospital aims to provide maximized Positive Patient Experience by using our values on the basis of employee’s happiness and good internal relationship and we believe that Patient Experience is the fundamental of sustainable organization. We care every moment of the patients and their families that start from seeking for the treatment of our hospital, How to go there?, facility in our hospital, communication with staff, outcomes of treatment and care until discharge processes and finally follow-up program; these activities we call the “patient journey”.

Hospital Strategic Goals | 2017-2020

  1. Patients as Partners… to engage patients and families in a meaningful way to enhance their experience, focus on patients and families voice, promote the participation of patients and families in all processes of treatment and care (patient and family conference)
  2. Our People… to attract, develop, retain engaged employees, focus on physician and employee voice, to build employee engagement and well-being, these are called “Employee Experience”
  3. Quality is the heart… to achieve the finest clinical outcomes, promote communication within multidisciplinary team, to work based on Joint Commission International Standard and Hospital Accreditation Standard, to promote safety culture
  4. Excellent Services… to attain the highest level of service excellence, analysis work processes to reduce waste, management system of physical component and medical equipment
  5. Financial success… increase partners for international patients, set up clinical center continuously, cost reductions that do not bring benefits and satisfaction   to patients and families, energy saving program
  6. Personalized healthcare… personalized care related with diseases, belief, genetic and environment