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Minimally Invasive Surgery Clinic

Paolo Phaholyothin Hospital’s general surgery staff have experiencing using laparoscopic techniques for a variety of conditions to provide the benefit of smaller incisions, less pain, fewer wound complications and shortened hospital stay. The following procedures can be performed by Paolo Phaholyothin Hospital General Surgery staff laparoscopically for those patients who are suitable candidates from gallbladder, liver, adrenal gland, colon to bariatric surgery and include laparoscopic for gynecological abnormalities also by well-trained gynecologist.


Cardiovascular Center

Paolo Phaholyothin Hospital’s Cardiovascular Center provides comprehensive cardiovascular medical care to all, with a special focus on prevention. A multidisciplinary team of providers, including physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitians and exercise physiologists, has specialized expertise in preventive cardiology, coronary artery disease, heart failure, arrhythmia, valve disease, aorta, peripheral vascular disease and heart disease.


Oncology Clinic

Paolo Phaholyothin Oncology Clinic clinicians are dedicated to providing the best professional care, delivered with compassion, for all patients. We seek to prevent, treat, and cure cancers by linking multidisciplinary team, expert and compassionate patient care. We provide the treatment and care from solid organ cancer, gastrointestinal cancer to hematologic cancer. Moreover, we provide genetic test and bone marrow transplantation also. Finally, palliative care and end of life care are the important parts that we concern.


Geriatric Care Center

At the our Geriatric Care Center, patients receive personalized care from multidisciplinary team who specialized in caring for older adults. Services include physicians, nurses and social workers trained in the special needs of seniors. Our Geriatric Care Center consists of 2 parts : activity field that include singing, cooking, painting, physical therapy and resting area for day care, another part is the service room for long term care that designed for Geriatric Center.


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