The Dental Center offers dental services provided by more than 30 specialist dentists working together as a multidisciplinary team. The team offers systematic dental care, consultation, examination and treatment services, and coordinates with doctors of other fields in the case of heart, diabetes, elderly or pregnant patients.

Our team of specialist dentists is ready  to perform

  1. General Dentistry:
    General dental examinations and treatments are offered in conjunction with preventative dental consultation and advice.
  2. Pediatric Dentistry: 
    Pediatric dental services are provided by a team of pediatric dentists using high-standard equipment.  The team is ready and equipped four provide professional dental services to your children.
  3. Endodontics: 
    Endodontics is offered to patients experiencing toothaches, swelling and inflammation due to infections of the root canal. In order to keep the teeth in good condition, the treatment must be supervised by an expert dentist.
  4. Periodontics:
    Treatment for gingivitis and periodontitis are offered, as well as periodontal surgery such as gingivectomy and oral tissue cultivation.
  5. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: 
    Oral surgery is offered, such as operations on impacted teeth, tubercles and jawbones.
  6. Orthodontics: 
    Orthodontics is offered to patients experiencing problems with dental crowding, spacing, protrusions and occlusal misalignments. Treatments are carried out using state-of-the-art materials and equipment, and suitable for all ages and genders.
  7. Occlusion and Temporamanibular Disorder: 
    Examination, consultation and treatment services are offered to patients experiencing problems with occlusal misalignments, biting, nocturnal grinding and jawbone joint irregularities.
  8. Prosthodontics: 
    Examination, consultation and treatment services are offered to patients  who have lost their natural teeth.  Both removable and fixed dentures are available (crowns and bridges).

Aesthetic Dentistry 

Aesthetic Dentistry offers treatments to correct dental irregularities or diseases, both in terms of efficient dental performance and natural aesthetics. Dentists use various restorative materials, such as resin composite and ceramic, to carry out dental repairs, so that teeth are appropriately shaped textured, with accurate dimensions and coloring, according to tooth structure.

What is Aesthetic Dentistry ? 

1. Dental Bleaching : Dental Bleaching is a treatment used for correcting discolorations caused by various factors, occurring both in the interior and exterior of the teeth. Common causes are root canal treatment, tetracycline ingestion during childhood food and drink stains on maturing teeth.

There are 2 methods of dental bleaching:  Internal bleaching is carried out to correct dental discoloration due to internal factors such as discoloration subsequent to root canal treatment. External bleaching  is usually used for discoloration due to external factors such as food and drink stains on maturing teeth and in some case may be applied to correct minor discoloration due to tetracycline ingestion.

2. Dental Space Closure: Space closure is a treatment used for correcting dental spacing irregularities in the front teeth using various methods and materials, such as by applying tooth-coloured material directly into the oral cavity or by inserting a resin composite or ceramic veneer

3. Aesthetic Dentistry Using Tooth – Coloured Resin Composite: Aesthetic dentistry using resin composite is a method of restoring broken or decayed teeth using various restorative materials, such as resin composite.


Amalgam is a tooth-coloured material used to trat dental irregularities. Amalgam takes various forms such as resin composite fillings and ceramic materials.  Each type of amalgam contains different properties.  Therefore, it is advisable to consult your dentist before selecting which type to use.

Whitening and Moulding with Veneers and Ceramic Facing

Veneering or ceramic facing may be performed in order to correct severe discoloration which is untreatable by bleaching or to treat dental scarring in many places due to restoration procedures

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