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Soaring rates of gynecological surgery are mostly due to uterus disorders especially uterus tumors. Surgery may also be necessitated by cervix, endometrium, fallopian tube and ovary disorders, as well as cancer of the reproductive organs. In the past, gynecologic be consider as a surgery may major abdominal incisions. However, due to but medical innovations and state-of-the-art technology, these have changed this perception.
Gynecologic endoscope Involves using a high-magnitude endoscope to operate on internal organs and observe pathogens that are invisible to the naked eye. The endoscope displays a magnified image on the monitor using advanced medical technology, so that only 2 to 3 abdominal incisions of 0.5 – 1 cm are incurred by the patient. This type of surgery is therefore very popular at present.

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What are the applications of Gynecologic Endoscope technology?

Gynecologic endoscope may be used for diagnostic purposes, by inserting an endoscope in order to observe the size of uterus, cystic ovary, fascia or pelvic disorders, and to examine the rear of the uterus and ovaries. Internal pathogens are clearly visible and tissue may be immediately extracted for examination enabling accurate diagnosis and preventing potential errors. In addition, gynecologic endoscope enables doctors to assess for suitable treatment thus, maximizing the efficiency of the treatment process. Medical equipment and technology may be applied in order to operate on many diseases in order to operate on many diseases. Indeed. It is said that whatever disease may be treated by open abdominal surgery, may also be treated by endoscope.

Advantages of Endoscope Surgery

  1. Minimizes adverse effects on internal organs.
  2. Reduces the risk of carious post-surgical complications.
  3. Greatly reduces pain and expedites recuperation time.
  4. Small Surgical incisions lead to less blood loss and soreness.
  5. Requires a hospital stay of only 1-2 days and a recovery period of only 5-7 years.

“Endoscope surgical treatment is another efficient alternative recognized by the global medical field. Endoscope surgery offers gynecologic disease patients a suitable solution to treat the carious conditions in the most fragile part of the female anatomy.”

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