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Paolo Memorial hospital is a 260 beds private hospital. Founded in 1972. Today it offers medical services by using state – of – the art scientific methods and equipment, and comprised of well – trained medical personnel in order to act as a center for healthcare services and provide a better quality of life. Patient can be assured to receive best in class services and treatments that are complied with International Standards

Be confident with our expert team of doctors and our complete range of medical services

The specialist team of doctors provides exceptional services in all major fields. Our physicians, surgeons, obstetricians and pediatricians are able to provide medical services around the clock, so that patients can always be confident of receiving safe and timely care.

The Medical Staff Organization with Vast Academic Knowledge and the Highest Professional.

The Medical Staff organization has been our strength in managing medical care. Medical ethics and Continuous academic programs for doctors. The organization offers regular quality academic meetings that are accredited by Medical Council of Thailand. Medical ethics are considered as a largely important factor which the medical staff organization of Paolo Memorial hospital has always taken into account and consistently followed. The patient’s rights is respected organization-wide and is highly concerned to ensure that patients can always get the protection and care they deserve.

“Cure that embraces Heartfelt Care : Humanized Healthcare”

— Paolo Memorial Hospital

Why Paolo Memorial Hospital ?

Quality Assurance | The hospital recognizes the importance of continuous quality development and has been awarded the following 6 quality accreditations:

  • Hospital Accreditation (HA) | Hospital Quality Certification and Assurance from the Institute of Hospital Quality Improvement and Accreditation.
  • ISO 9001:2000 |Total Quality Management Award.
  • HACCP | Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system for ensuring food is clean and safe for consumers.
  • ISO 14001 | Environmental Management Quality Standard System.
  • OHSAS 18001 | Occupational Health and Safety Quality Standard System.
  • ISO 15189 | A quality standard system which provides accreditation for laboratories according to Department of Medical Sciences quality standards.

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